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Duration: 1 HR 30 MIN

This course is part of the DCAL (Dedicated Community Association Leader) recognition course series.  You may take this course as part of the recognition program, or as an individual course. 

The Insurance and Risk Management course is designed to assist associations in the process of making and carrying out decisions that minimize the adverse effects of accidental losses. From assessing risk control and types of coverage to policy descriptions, attendees will develop an understanding of the mechanics of insurance and how it relates to association living.


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Recorded 05/23/2023
Recorded 05/23/2023 This course is part of the DCAL (Dedicated Community Association Leader) recognition course series. You may take this course as part of the recognition program, or as an individual course. This course is designed to help board members gain perspective in ethical decision making by: Understanding the responsibilities of fiduciary duty and the standards as a board member Learning what you "need to know" regarding conflicts of interest, code of conduct and fair practices Developing an action plan on rules to follow and fostering relationships Obtaining knowledge in enforcement of infractions, disclosure and confidentiality
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Jennifer Eilert

Condominium Insurance Specialists of America (CISA)

Jennifer has been with CISA since 1994, and manages the Customer Service Department, quotes new clients, underwrites accounts, and handles renewal accounts. Prior to that, Jennifer managed condominiums in the Chicago land area.   Jennifer served as the CAI Illinois Board President and CAI Wisconsin Board President for two years each and has served on countless committees with both chapters.  She also currently serves on the Illinois Legislative Action Committee. In 2012, Jennifer obtained her CIRMS designation through CAI, Community Association and Risk Management Specialist through CAI National; one of about 100 throughout the United States and less than 5 in Illinois. 

CISA Insurance Meet Our Staff

Alan Kalman

Kalman Management

Many association directors are interested in the background of the owners of the management company.My background consists of a Bachelor degree in Architectural Studies from the University of Illinois - Urbana.I am a licensed Structural Engineer in the State of Illinois and Professional Engineer in Wisconsin.For the five years prior to starting Kalman Management, I was president of the board of directors of the condominium association where we resided.At that time, I decided there must be a better way to organize the Association activities and to coordinate the functions of the Association.That is why we started Kalman Management.

As a structural engineer I worked on projects including TRW World Headquarters, facilities for IBM, McDonald's Corporate Headquarters along with other large and small projects.Working on these projects, one learns the advantage of being a team player which is necessary as part of your property management team.

Project management techniques learned in the years of engineering are used in the maintenance and supervision of contractors working on Association properties.Having the right person on the job is an advantage to all parties concerned.

With a background in Architecture and a good knowledge of accounting principles I strive to direct the Associations in a path that will lead to a good fiscal position that will increase property values and maintain a high level of standards.

I am an active member of the Community Association Institute, a national organization with a regional Illinois chapter that was established for the benefit of community associations.I currently hold a CMCA® “Certified Manager of Community Associations” title from the National Board of Certification for Community Association Mangers as well as the AMS “Association Management Specialist” designation.I just recently received the PCAM® “Professional Community Association Manger” designation which is the highest level designation provided by CAI. There are only 2100 PCAMs in the country.

I have served as a Trustee of the Cook Memorial Library District in Libertyville and was appointed to fill a vacant position.The Board assumed my background in architecture, engineering, and building maintenance would assist them in their pursuit of the expansion of the Cook Memorial Library District facilities.I was endorsed by the Daily Herald and the Pioneer Press (Libertyville Review and Vernon Hills Review) for reelection as Trustee.